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Our home buying process involves:

Drawing up a plan

This stage is all about connecting you with a local Realtor with an excellent track record of finding the best homes available for sale. This Realtor lives and works within your community and has reliable information about the best shopping malls, parks, and even schools. Alongside the designated Realtor, there’ll be a home buying team tasked with the duty of ensuring that the home that best suits you and your family is found.


You’ll continue to receive email notifications for homes that meet your requirements; the home listings will be sent to your inbox. Our approach to house-hunting is thorough. We go through all the available homes in the market, not just those listed under Wow Realty, and gather details on whichever one(s) you show interest in. If it works for you, you can use the option of checking out homes in person with us.

Offers and negotiations

Using our expertise and experience in brokering, we will help you find the most suitable offer(s), and proceed with handling negotiations before finalizing a deal. We have a tradition of thoroughly examining multiple offers to ensure that we find the best one.

Cash back

The idea of making a little extra cash is one that’ll leave any person excited. At Wow Realty, it’s more than just an idea, it is the reality! Like any world-class real estate agency, we put in ample amounts of time and effort to help you find your dream home. We are also aware of the extent of financial stress that comes with buying a home. For this reason, we do more than just delivering excellent results, we give you $2,500 cash back! We care about you, and this is our way of showing you love and appreciation.
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