Before putting your home up for sale, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your property gets off the market in no time.

This post discusses the top 7 things you should get done before listing your home.  

If you are intent on making the most profit from selling your home without being in the market for so long, then do well to continue reading.

Employ a qualified and experienced agent

Working with the right real estate agent is undeniably imperative to helping you sell fast and for the most money.

Your real estate agent will be the one to help you make a favorable and reasonable decision on market value, marketing your home, a proper listing strategy, and negotiating offers so you’ll need to hire someone with knowledge of the market, experience, sales skills & marketing experience.

Most buyers carry out their search online, so ensure that you hire an agent that is tech-savvy and knows how to reach out to buyers by utilizing a wide range of market platforms.

Depersonalize your home

Depersonalizing your home will go a long way in helping you get it sold quickly. You should take down personal or family photos and all other deeply personal items. The less a buyer distinguishes about you, the less assumptions they are able to make as regards why you are moving and what your motivations might be.

Moreover – the more personal belongings in your home, the less prospective buyers can imagine themselves living there!

Decide on the ideal pricing strategy

Determining how you would love your home to be priced considering your timeline and goals is something that you should discuss with your realtor. Depending on the market that you’re in, and how your home compares to other latest sales and homes presently on the market the pricing approach will be quite different.

It’s vital to work diligently with your realtor to comprehend true market value and the state of your market to guarantee you don’t leave money on the table. Choosing a pricing strategy is an art, and pricing awfully low to increase traction is not always the best approach and can result in you leaving money on the table.

Use proper lighting

Proper lighting can make such a massive difference in a home, and it can also make your house radiant (no pun intended!) in the photos. Replace light fittings that are not working, outdated, or don’t fit the wished-for fresh and clean look.

If you find that the bulbs that you presently have in are a yellow-tinge then you’ll want to swap them with white bulbs. If there are any bulbs that are missing from the fittings, you’ll also want to ensure that all the lights are functioning before the photographer’s arrival.

Pro tip: ensure that any agent you choose hires a skilled real estate photographer to take beautiful shots of your home. There is nothing more distasteful than cell phone pictures taken by real estate agents showing up on the MLS – and remember, most buyers start their search on the internet!